Tilapia Backyard Farming and Aquaponics

This is our first venture into tilapia backyard farming with aquaponics set-up.

What can we get from this kind?  Well this isn’t just a hobby, this can provide food and if it becomes successful can be a source of income too.

Searching for where to buy fingerlings here in Cavite, we found about two of them advertising in sulit.com.  Just to tell you guys, one (from Imus) have put there their minimum is 300 pieces, we texted the seller and we were gonna buy 500-1,000 pieces of fingerlings but to our dismay, after asking how many we were buying, the guy did not reply to us anymore… The other seller, from Dasma did not even replied to our inquiries.

But not to give up hope, we kept on searching and found a friend who had a friend with a tilapia fish pond, and gave us about 25 pieces, yes its too few but its a start :).  Everything start from small beginnings!

What we have in mind is to put tilapia in big drums.

The video above is our first set-up of aquaponics.  I will be posting more of our progress.

We put the 25 tilapia fingerlings and some swordtails in a 5 gallon tank.  Levitra we’ve used recycled materials.  Except for the pump nothing in the set-up was bought.

There are seeds planted in that filter (green plastic container above with divisions). Lettuce, chinese cabbage, onion, cuttings of stevia and basil.

The best place to buy fingerlings is to go to Laurel, Batangas where there are many fish ponds and sellers of “semilya”.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting content!!!

  2. Me and my wife have some space on our property that we want to use to keep some chickens. My wife is all on about how we’re going to eat our own eggs and give them to friends and all haha! She thinks it is romantic to get up in the morning and get our own eggs and what not haha. Other than eating and giving the eggs we think it is a great way for our oldest child to experience some responsibility taking care of the chickens! I am building a coop myself now and will post some pictures on the progress and final thing when it’s done. Check out our FACEBOOK page

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