Aquaponics set-up

Progress in our tilapia backyard farming – aquaponics project

The video below is part two of our project.  Now there are some vegetables planted in the aquaponics set-up.

Third week of the tilapia fingerlings now, we were hoping we can get more fingerlings, but still its hard to find, and going to Laurel Batangas to buy fingerlings is not that easy with no available car/vehicle to use.

So, we continued with what we have.  We used pvc pipes for the aquaponics setup.  Pump, gravels for filter and some plastic cups for the seedlings.

The vegetables we have are lettuce, chinese cabbage, onion, stevia, basil (in small plasticware with divisions a.k.a. filter )

At first the seeds were planted in the filter (the green container you see with divisions).  As you can see  now, the vegetables have grown, we transferred them to plastic cups with holes and put on the pvc pipe. Added vegetables are tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapeno peppers. There is also kangkong (water spinach) now in the fishtank

The water from the fish tank goes to the pvc pipes (for the plants) and back to the fishtank.

We have two tests on the gardening part, one using aquaponics and the other planted in soil, i used coca-cola pet bottles as pots for the plants (remember to recycle, no need to buy anything new, use whatever is available to save money).  It is very noticeable that seeds planted in the aquaponics set-up sprouted earlier than those planted in soil.

I will be continuing with these two tests to see the growth of the vegetables…

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