Monthly Archives: November 2010

My Veggies…

So after a month of aquaponics… here are my veggies. Cauliflower – aquaponics Chinese cabbage – aquaponics Our lettuce did not made it, I don’t know why, after they have grown they died, so we’re planting again, there are a few with small leaves now, they will be transplanted to a pot with soil, like what we did with the… (more…)

After one month… Tilapia in a drum – Philippines

We can say, our tilapia fingerlings our doing well after one month. Some fingerlings died due to ammonia toxicity as I’ve mentioned in my previous post.  We’ve been doing some changes in the pump, the aquaponics set-up, the changing of water, and fish food.  So far so good now. Below are two pics we’ve taken to show how “big” they… (more…)

Tilapia in a Drum

We’ve finally able to acquire a huge drum for our tilapia fingerlings. New set-up with our aquaponics now. Cauliflower leaves are now showing, we noticed they grow fast with the aquaponics system, and so does the onions. The chinese cabbage are transplanted in pep bottles, not using aquaponics/hydroponics now, but the water we used to water them came from the… (more…)

Newly acquired tilapia fingerlings

Finally we were able to acquire fingerlings, 600+ pieces of tilapia fingerlings.