After one month… Tilapia in a drum – Philippines

We can say, our tilapia fingerlings our doing well after one month.

Some fingerlings died due to ammonia toxicity as I’ve mentioned in my previous post.  We’ve been doing some changes in the pump, the aquaponics set-up, the changing of water, and fish food.  So far so good now.

Below are two pics we’ve taken to show how “big” they are now.

This one is not the biggest in the tank, there are a few bigger than him or her :D.  This is the one we were able to catch after many tries… lol, the others bigger than this one are harder to catch.

2.5 inches after one month.  I think this is not bad.

Sorry for the blurred pics, we were in a hurry taking them so the fish will not die.

Next post will be about the veggies, the Chinese cabbages are almost ready for harvest.

We’ve had another test, separated a few fingerlings (10 pieces) in another container and put them on the roof, from what we can see, the fingerlings there are growing much better, this could be because of the water temp there, warmer than the one in the drum.  The pump is not always running on the new test (that one on the roof), the set up is aquaponics too.  Not much to tell on the plants what we are concentrating on are the fishes.

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