Newly acquired tilapia fingerlings

Finally we were able to acquire fingerlings, 600+ pieces of tilapia fingerlings.


Buying them was a spur of the moment, we had a friend/neighbor having a dayoff and we were able to borrow his motorcycle.  So off we went to Batangas looking for fingerlings, via a shortcut we knew, from our place then to Tagaytay then there’s a shortcut there that goes all the way down to Batangas.

We went straight ahead to Laurel Batangas, there are many fishponds, but we did not really know where there to buy.  Nagtanong tanong kami sa mga taong nadadaanan namin (We asked the people we passed by where to buy fingerlings).  We saw a place there just close to the highway where there are fishponds and out of a hunch, stopped by and ask if they are selling fingerlings.  We were fortunate, because they did!

So… we went home with plenty of fingerlings in two plastic bags.  Matagtag nga sa byahe and we were worried baka ma stress yung mga fingerlings. When we arrive home we transferred them to our improvised tank.  Set up the aquaponics again.  Some fingerlings died (which was already expected, naka motor lang kasi kami).

As you can see from the video above, our improvised tank/pond for the newly arrived fingerlings are 2 clothes drawer.. lol.  Joined together using a catsup dispenser top and bottom cut, this serves also as a tunnel for the fishes.

We were supposed to buy a drum, but the day we were about to buy, the shop here that sold drums was already closed.  The next place is at Bacoor, it took us about 2 weeks before we were able to buy a huge blue drum.

That will be my post next time :).

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