Tilapia in a Drum

We’ve finally able to acquire a huge drum for our tilapia fingerlings.

New set-up with our aquaponics now.

Cauliflower leaves are now showing, we noticed they grow fast with the aquaponics system, and so does the onions.

The chinese cabbage are transplanted in pep bottles, not using aquaponics/hydroponics now, but the water we used to water them came from the fish tank.

Aside from the plants getting nutrients from the fish water, it’s sort of saving water also because instead of throwing away the water whenever we replace the water from the tank we used them to water the plants instead.

We’ve had a few fishes dying, we’re testing if its from the food.  We tried using fish flakes, (medyo mahal lang ito kesa sa pellets), no fingerlings died.  We tried the fish powder, the next day there were 4 fingerlings dead.  We also tried the pellets (powdered them using a blender), in other days none died but there are days that we find 5 or more fingerlings dead. These observations were days after we transferred the fingerlings from the improvised tanks using clothes drawer to that blue drum above.

When the fingerlings were still in the improvised tanks, some of them were swooping.  We did some research on it and found out its due to ammonia…  Our conclusion is that those fingerlings that died were not able to survive the ammonia toxicity before.

The fingerlings are still under observation.  We have some of them a bit bigger now, pictures will be on my next post.

*Note:  I’ve read in some forum (i forgot where…) only 100-150 fingerlings should be placed in one drum, according to BFAR.

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