Pechay (Chinese cabbage) harvest

Well time to harvest these greens :).


Aren’t they beautiful?  Our pechay as what we call here (or chinese cabbage), are ready for harvest.  I had them planted in soil, from aquaponics to soil planting.  Pots I’ve used are recycled, most of them at plastic bottles (1.5 liter bottle of soda).

I had a little farmer who helped me with the harvesting.  Not only are these veggies free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals these are totally FREE… lol.  The best part of growing your own veggies is that you know what you are eating, how safe they are and you save on money too.

There are many ways to cook these type of vegetable, stirfry with pork or beef, or even corned beef (in can), you can also use them with pork or beef nilaga, or even tinolang manok.  Be creative, pechay can be cooked in so many ways.

I’ve planted new seeds, I just put some seeds in 2 cups, put the cups in the aquaponics set-up, then when they’ve grown a little I transferred each one to a separate cup.  Here’s how it looks:

more baby pechay

This is how my first step is, the cup has few seedlings now, I’ve already transferred some.  I just put seeds in those cups, not too many or it’ll be too crowded, left them for a few days, and you will see growth right away.

Then next step is transfer them to separate cups.  When they’ve grown about two inches more in size, I transfer them to bigger cups or sometimes replanted them in my recycled pots.

This way I’ll never run out of this type of veggies :).

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