After two months… Raising tilapia in a drum – Philippines

Well look at our tilapia, they’re bigger now. Click pics to view larger image.

at 4 inches now

After 2 months, they looked good.  Pic below is of two tilapia, was trying to get a better shot with the other one that’s why there’s 2 pics more.

the models, posing time… 😀

The next thing that we are going to do is to learn how to breed them, from the pic below, you can see that their gender is almost noticeable…

checking on gender

This one is a male tilapia (correct me if I’m wrong, but this one just have one hole).  In aquaculture if you are aiming for more profits, it is important to start sexing tilapia, as male tilapia grow bigger and yields higher profit.  Well, we’re not into that yet lol, no sex reversal for us yet.  What we are going to learn next is the breeding of tilapia.

I’ve seen a lot in forums looking for tilapia fingerlings, wanting to buy few hundreds only.  Most farmers don’t sell fingerlings by hundreds, their minimum is 100,000 pieces of fingerlings (this we’ve learned from where we bought ours), and we were just lucky that we were able to get a thousand pieces only.

Everyday, I sit by the drum for some minutes and just watch them.  It’s been more than two months now, although we’ve lost many fingerlings, it’s still not that bad, what we have here we can use them to breed and have even more.

Things are getting exciting with our aquaculture, we will be buying two more drums next.

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  1. yusuf mario germino says:

    i think you will be missing the point of aquaponics if you use hormone to reverse the sex of your tilapia fingerlings
    kaya nga tinawag na organic it should be a natural cycle
    honestly, i wish you all the success.. actually kahit and2 ako sa jeddah i am trying it by having a micro system, wala lang akong makuhang tilapia fingerlings but alhamdulillah i was able to grow cucumber, watermelon, cauliflower, peppermint, basil and bell pepper.. i will be replanting my youngs to a bigger growbed.. i am using expanded clay as my growing medium

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