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Pechay (Chinese cabbage) harvest

Well time to harvest these greens :). Pechay Aren’t they beautiful?  Our pechay as what we call here (or chinese cabbage), are ready for harvest.  I had them planted in soil, from aquaponics to soil planting.  Pots I’ve used are recycled, most of them at plastic bottles (1.5 liter bottle of soda). I had a little farmer who helped me… (more…)

My Veggies…

So after a month of aquaponics… here are my veggies. Cauliflower – aquaponics Chinese cabbage – aquaponics Our lettuce did not made it, I don’t know why, after they have grown they died, so we’re planting again, there are a few with small leaves now, they will be transplanted to a pot with soil, like what we did with the… (more…)

Tilapia in a Drum

We’ve finally able to acquire a huge drum for our tilapia fingerlings. New set-up with our aquaponics now. Cauliflower leaves are now showing, we noticed they grow fast with the aquaponics system, and so does the onions. The chinese cabbage are transplanted in pep bottles, not using aquaponics/hydroponics now, but the water we used to water them came from the… (more…)

Aquaponics set-up

Progress in our tilapia backyard farming – aquaponics project The video below is part two of our project.  Now there are some vegetables planted in the aquaponics set-up. Third week of the tilapia fingerlings now, we were hoping we can get more fingerlings, but still its hard to find, and going to Laurel Batangas to buy fingerlings is not that… (more…)

Tilapia Backyard Farming and Aquaponics

This is our first venture into tilapia backyard farming with aquaponics set-up. What can we get from this kind?  Well this isn’t just a hobby, this can provide food and if it becomes successful can be a source of income too. Searching for where to buy fingerlings here in Cavite, we found about two of them advertising in  Just… (more…)