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From indoor to outdoor

We’ve moved the tilapia-in-a-drum from indoor to outdoor. We’ve noticed from our test, the small container with fingerlings that was placed on the roof grew much faster. So we decided to move the drum outside, beside our fence. Same set-up, aquaponics. It has been more than a week now, and we’ve noticed faster growth.  Could be because they get more… (more…)

Newly acquired tilapia fingerlings

Finally we were able to acquire fingerlings, 600+ pieces of tilapia fingerlings.

Tilapia Backyard Farming and Aquaponics

This is our first venture into tilapia backyard farming with aquaponics set-up. What can we get from this kind?  Well this isn’t just a hobby, this can provide food and if it becomes successful can be a source of income too. Searching for where to buy fingerlings here in Cavite, we found about two of them advertising in sulit.com.  Just… (more…)