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Pechay (Chinese cabbage) harvest

Well time to harvest these greens :). Pechay Aren’t they beautiful?  Our pechay as what we call here (or chinese cabbage), are ready for harvest.  I had them planted in soil, from aquaponics to soil planting.  Pots I’ve used are recycled, most of them at plastic bottles (1.5 liter bottle of soda). I had a little farmer who helped me… (more…)

My Veggies…

So after a month of aquaponics… here are my veggies. Cauliflower – aquaponics Chinese cabbage – aquaponics Our lettuce did not made it, I don’t know why, after they have grown they died, so we’re planting again, there are a few with small leaves now, they will be transplanted to a pot with soil, like what we did with the… (more…)