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After two months… Raising tilapia in a drum – Philippines

Well look at our tilapia, they’re bigger now. Click pics to view larger image. at 4 inches now After 2 months, they looked good.  Pic below is of two tilapia, was trying to get a better shot with the other one that’s why there’s 2 pics more. the models, posing time… 😀 The next thing that we are going to… (more…)

From indoor to outdoor

We’ve moved the tilapia-in-a-drum from indoor to outdoor. We’ve noticed from our test, the small container with fingerlings that was placed on the roof grew much faster. So we decided to move the drum outside, beside our fence. Same set-up, aquaponics. It has been more than a week now, and we’ve noticed faster growth.  Could be because they get more… (more…)

New pic

This pic was taken before moving them from indoor to outdoor.

After one month… Tilapia in a drum – Philippines

We can say, our tilapia fingerlings our doing well after one month. Some fingerlings died due to ammonia toxicity as I’ve mentioned in my previous post.  We’ve been doing some changes in the pump, the aquaponics set-up, the changing of water, and fish food.  So far so good now. Below are two pics we’ve taken to show how “big” they… (more…)

Tilapia in a Drum

We’ve finally able to acquire a huge drum for our tilapia fingerlings. New set-up with our aquaponics now. Cauliflower leaves are now showing, we noticed they grow fast with the aquaponics system, and so does the onions. The chinese cabbage are transplanted in pep bottles, not using aquaponics/hydroponics now, but the water we used to water them came from the… (more…)